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Various Grimm reports, Greenlight not dead yet

  • Two articles about the making of Brothers Grimm and the relationship between Matt and Heath are here and here, including:

    Matt Damon said working on the film was a unique experience. He said: "Terry Gilliam movies are different from anyone else. They're different from each other and from anyone else.

    "The whole experience is kind of fitting that it would be this bizarre environment. It's perfectly Terry. We played the guys as cowardly and as goofily as we could and he kind of encouraged it because he works on such a big canvas.

    "He's got all the crazy stuff, crazy production designs and costumes and all that stuff. If you're trying to play Mr Natural you'll end up being eaten up by the scenery."

  • A senior Bravo exec says Project Greenlight may be back, as:

    "We're looking to see how another `Greenlight' would fit into our schedule," said Andrew Cohen, vice president of production for Bravo.
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