EW's Ford v Ferrari preview

A preview of Ford v Ferrari is at Entertainment Weekly, including a few photos:

In the age of the superhero blockbuster, Ford v Ferrari is “an endangered species,” according to director James Mangold (Logan, Walk the Line). Recalls Damon: “As we were making it, we joked that it was the last movie ever. Luckily, we had this great character drama that was inside this other story.” But the old-school approach was crucial in preserving the heart of the film. “These are real people with love and loss and fears that aren’t handled in three mini-moments between the next 100-decibel, 12-minute action sequence,” says Mangold. “And it’s an acting tour de force — Matt and Christian have never been better.”

It certainly made a difference to Jason Bourne veteran Damon, no stranger to filming high-speed car scenes. “To feel those cars come roaring by is why people love racing. It was really exciting to shoot because it didn’t require you to use your imagination, it was all happening around you.”

Director Jams Mangold has advised there will be two different versions of the title — via his Twitter account:

It’s Le Mans 66 in UK and France and some other territories and Ford v Ferrari in the USA and rest of the world.

A different image from the film is at Empire Magazine.

An interview with one of the film's screenwriters is at


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