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Interviews, Brokeback

  • Interviews with Matt about Brothers Grimm and other projects are at Entertainment News Wire and MSN. Matt talks about almost being cast in Brokeback Mountain a few years ago in this Heath story:

    In an attempt to alleviate some of the pressure off Ledger and perhaps lighten the mood a bit, Matt Damon steps in with one last story.

    "That's a beautiful script, I read it years ago," Damon says. "In fact, I was gonna do it. Gus Van Sant read it and wanted to do it after 'Good Will Hunting.' I read it and loved it. But, I was going off to do 'The Talented Mr. Ripley' and then 'All the Pretty Horses.' So I said, 'Gus, I'm going to do a movie about, quite frankly, a guy who's gay, and then I'm going to do a movie about a cowboy. I shouldn't then just do a gay cowboy movie." [Laughs.]

  • More Gilliam adoration in this MTV story:

    According to "The Brothers Grimm" star Matt Damon, actors are instilled with an intense desire to get Gilliam's visions onscreen: "I would have done anything — moved heaven and earth — to make sure that Terry was happy."

    "We wanted it to just be perfect, for him," agreed co-star Heath Ledger.
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