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And more interviews

  • An interview with familar stories from the Chicago Sun-Times, except this quote about the paparazzi:

    "Once I threw a soda can at them and it was full," Damon admits. "But I have to say that New York is great. I don't even get followed anymore. It's more like some construction worker leaning out a building screaming, 'Hey Matt, what the hell are you doing here?' That's actually fun."

    "If I wear my Boston hat around town, I will also get, 'Hey Matt, screw you. We're going to beat your team.'"

  • The Bergen Record interview:

    "It's completely ridiculous and totally beyond my control," he says of his fluctuating career. "[Hits] happen or don't. The real thing is what you do with your time and, for me, what's important is trying to make good movies.

    "One thing that you can say about 'The Brothers Grimm' is that it's not like any other movie out there - or any movie that's ever been out there. You think, 'OK, well, if it doesn't work then I'll have to claw my way back.' It's a really insecure, bizarre profession."

  • Matt's recent appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno will be replayed on 1 September. Anna also advises that it is available at

  • Thanks to Arnzilla, who manages a discussion board for The Departed, located here, for a link to photos of Matt filming at S.U.N.Y. Maritime College here, and some stories from the set on the forum.

  • Cindy Adams at the NY Post has a second plug for the etiquette consultant used in The Good Shepherd in her latest column.
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