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  • Matt attended the wedding of agent Patrick Whitesell in California last weekend - details at People.

    Ever the accommodating bride, Lauren Sanchez, host of FOX's So You Think You Can Dance, happily made room for the clients of her groom, agent Patrick Whitesell, PEOPLE reports in its latest issue, on newsstands Friday.

    "Matt and Ben" – that's Damon and Affleck – "don't get to see each other often, so we sat them together," she says. Also among the 250 guests at the Aug. 20 bash in Santa Barbara, Calif.: Affleck's wife, Jennifer Garner, and two more clients, Jessica Alba and Hugh Jackman (who sang "Mack the Knife").

  • There's also a junket interview with Matt at People Online, including:

    What was the greatest misconception you had about Heath Ledger?
    I thought that he'd be a better kisser. I wasn't that disappointed. Just a little.

    What was it like working with Martin Scorsese on The Departed?
    It was great. I was pinching myself. I mean, this kind of run of work for me – between guys like Terry Gilliam and Scorsese and (Robert) De Niro (who is currently directing Damon in The Good Shepherd) – it's just like, that's it. If I screw this up, that's it.

  • Long interviews with Matt and Heath are at Teen Hollywood and MTV, including:

    Image Hosted by
    "It was just very noticeable how tight they were," says co-star Lena Headey, who appears in the film as Angelika, the third point in the Grimm love triangle. "They just enjoyed each other. They had a really cool friendship going on, and yeah, hung out 24/7."

    "We have a similar perspective," Damon concedes, cracking up his cine-brother. "We're total hams."

  • From an interview with Monica Bellucci at Jo Blo:

    What was it like working with Matt Damon and Heath Ledger? Were they different from what you expected?
    Oh yeah, I mean, I didn't know them, I mean I knew them just, you know, names and they were really generous and really nice. I loved to work with them, I think that they are just incredible performers, and in this one, performance is unusual, because it's not easy to play these characters, and they really did an incredible job and I would love to work with them again, they're very nice guys.

    So what is Matt Damon´s appeal?
    Matt Damon? And Heath Ledger? Just Matt? (laughs) I don't know Matt very well actually, we were together just on set, I mean, I loved him, he was easy to work with. And he's so funny because sometimes, we do a crazy business, because sometimes we need to get in an intimate situation with someone we don't know very well. So we have love scenes or kissing this kind of thing, with someone that you never met before. And so you have to deal with, but sometimes it's difficult, it's not easy to do those scenes with everybody, so you have to find someone that is - they have to be, it can create a nice situation, a good sensibility, and so with him it was easy, because he's sexy, beautiful, and he's a good actor.
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