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Bourne Ultimatum update, yet more O12 press

  • A few Bourne Ultimatum updates from producer Frank Marshall from Dark Horizons and eonline. Marshall confirms that Paul Greengrass will direct the sequel in 2006. Greengrass himself was quite convinced of the film's franchise potential in the Supremacy commentary, saying the way Matt as Bourne connects with the audience is the reason why the "franchise will live on."

    'The Unsomnambulist' attended a screening of "The Bourne Supremacy" last night at Arclight Cinemas that was followed by a Q & A with producer Frank Marshall. Here's his report:

    "Nothing terribly new and surprising to come of it. Frank was adamant that "Indiana Jones 4" would happen, and mentioned that "The Bourne Ultimatum" was currently being writter for a 2006 shoot start, since Matt Damon is busy til then, as is director Paul Greengrass who'll return after helming the "Watchmen" comic adaptation.

    Bourne Again and Again

    Frank Marshall also had some news about a third Bourne movie, which would keep the title of the third book, The Bourne Ultimatum--and nothing else. Since the novel has characters never introduced in the first two movies, it's too late to go there. This leaves screenwriter Tony Gilroy grasping for a great villain.

    "[He] said to me last week, 'You know, why'd we kill off Chris Cooper?' " says Marshall. " 'I said, 'Well, you did that.' He said, 'Yeah, but who would've known? He'd be great in the third movie.' I said, 'Yeah, well, now we have to come up with a new story.'"

    The Bourne Supremacy ends with Jason Bourne in New York City, perhaps suggesting a domestic adventure is on the way? "Going to those exotic locations [in the first two films] was one of the things that people liked," Marshall says, "but maybe now it's time just to go to exotic locations in the States."

    Like what? The Bronx?

  • The project was also briefly mentioned in a USA Today story about the premiere.

    Ocean's star Matt Damon, who is expected to shoot The Bourne Ultimatum in 2006...

  • A few quotes from the EW O12 cast article were People's online quotes of the day:

  • "Mr. President. Because they have to call you by that name. If you check in as John President, they'll call you up and say, 'Mr. President?'"

    – Ocean's Twelve star Matt Damon, on his favorite hotel alias

  • "We were at a restaurant and I just lifted up my shirt. And he fell off the stool."

    – George Clooney, on surprising costar Damon with his 30-lb. weight gain for Syriana, their next film together

  • From the AP review of the premiere:

    At one point, the arrivals line was so packed, celebrities were literally running into each other. While speaking with AP Television News, Damon accidentally elbowed a famous actress to his left. "Stop bumping into me, you big shot!" scolded Sharon Stone - with a big smile.

    Clooney's presence had been promised by studio publicists, though it had been reported the 43-year-old actor had canceled key promotional appearances following a back injury.

    He didn't just show, Clooney showed up early, leading the arrivals-line parade.

    "I found some painkillers," he joked. "Very good, by the way. Painkillers and Jack Daniels. Highly recommend them. Perfect. Try that at home, kids."

    "Ocean's Twelve" picks up the story of "Ocean's Eleven" three years later, with Clooney's Danny Ocean reuniting his gang of con artists and thieves and heading to points around the world.

    "We knew each other a lot better," Damon said. "There are some real friendships that have been built out of these movies. ... I don't know, it's just kind of a deeper experience, if that makes sense."

  • Matt, Brad and perhaps other members of the cast have now left for the European promotion of the film (starting with Rome on Friday), but George Clooney will not be participating due to his injury.

  • From the Seattle PI review:

    And yet, curiously, the stars also come off well -- especially Damon, who does a Bob Newhart-like stand-up routine that's almost worth the price of admission. Everyone seems to be having a great time, and the feeling is communicable.
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