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  • There will be articles on Matt's engagement in most of the celebrity magazines out Friday, including cover mentions in People and Us. Here's a few quotes from the story in Australia's Who magazine, likely to be similar to People magazine's article.

    In July, Damon visited Washington jeweller Steven Goldfarb and picked out a "classic, elegant" platinum ring, which we had sent to him. "He said he wanted to get the ring and get engaged," says Goldfarb. "He was very pleased."

    Choosing the three-diamond brilliant-cut ring, Damon "was very hands-on", says Goldfarb.

    Says Damon's brother Kyle: "I am thrilled. I like Lucy a lot. They make a fantastic couple."

  • As an example of the media's inaccuracy in printing simple reports, and how they try to interpret the facts for the local audience, here are some world-wide interpretations of the same story.

    Firstly, some basic facts: Lucy is of Argentinian descent but she was raised in Florida and California. Lucy and Matt met in April 2003 and the first published photos of them appeared in a Berlin newspaper in January 2004, followed by photos from Naples in February 2004. The interior designer job title was erroneous in the first stories of February 2004, and copied incorrectly ever since.

    A newspaper in Argentina, which says that Lucy is from Argentina and loves to tango.

    A publication in Brazil, which says that Lucy is from Brazil.

    A publication in Italy which says the wedding will be in Italy.

    The Mirror is a British paper which claims Lucy is Italian.

  • A familiar Gawker sighting:

    Holy shit. Saw Matt Damon today 9/12 at around 2 pm at the Starbucks on Astor place. Stood behind him on line while all the cashiers swooned. He was wearing a faded orange t-shirt and a red sox cap. On the way out, he held the door for me. Great smile. I think I'm in love.

  • This article mentions that The Good Shepherd may also film in Frankfurt and Moscow.
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