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Correcting errors, again

  • Personal rant... Factual errors in articles written for major market newspapers are unacceptable and reflective of the generally poor standard of modern journalism in an age of news as entertainment rather than specifics or facts.

    In the first of a likely ongoing series, here's an example of the errors present in just two paragraphs of an article at The Independent by John Hiscock titled Hollywood marriages: corporate mergers or old-fashioned romance - actual text:

    Matt Damon's eyes light up when he talks about his girlfriend of two years, Luciana Barroso. The footloose actor, once known for his roving eye and a string of girlfriends that included Winona Ryder, Penelope Cruz, Claire Danes and Minnie Driver, seems to have finally found happiness - with a barmaid from Miami.

    Damon, who met Barosso while she was working in Miami's Crowbar Club, has bought a house nearby where they and her seven-year-old daughter Alexa will live after they are married later this year. "I'm with this woman and it's great," he grins. "I'm really happy."

    The errors:

    1. Inconsistent spelling - Luciana Barroso is correct (first paragraph), not Barrosso as per the second paragraph.
    2. The name of the club is Crobar, not Crowbar Club.
    3. The author has used text from the Premiere magazine article, not quoted the source, and falsely embellished around the quoted words, ie "Damon's eyes light up...." is a complete fabrication, as is "he grins".
    3. No wedding date has been announced (not before the end of the year as stated).
    4. The daughter's name is spelled incorrectly (as wrongly reported elsewhere).
    5. Let's not even start on "footloose actor" "roving eye" "string of girlfriends" "[dated] Penelope Cruz"...

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