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Syriana trailer released

  • The full trailer for Syriana is available here, and looks great.

  • George Clooney talked about the film in recent press interviews, including for MTV:

    "I have a film coming out that's going to make ['Good Night'] look like a [Frank] Capra film, called 'Syriana,' " the actor/director reported of next month's CIA drama, which co-stars Matt Damon. "It's going to get us in a lot of trouble. ... Every single member of the community — we'll have everybody — there will be someone from every walk of life angry at us," he smiled slyly. "But that's good."

  • Producer James Robinson talked about The Good Shepherd to the Hollywood Reporter:

    THR: Why did you want to make the Robert De Niro-directed CIA thriller "The Good Shepherd?"

    Robinson: I loved the Eric Roth script, which had been around for 12 years. Part of the reason I was attracted to De Niro directing was that the only other movie that he ever directed, "A Bronx Tale," was a well-made movie. Leonardo DiCaprio was attached. But I felt that Matt Damon was more attuned to this role. DiCaprio is too youthful. Damon and Angelina Jolie were the right people for these characters. They are paired perfectly. You believe that they're husband and wife. It takes place over years. And De Niro plays a supporting role.

    THR: What made the project so difficult to get made?

    Robinson: It's a period piece about how the CIA got started in the '40s. The film was looked upon as a highbrow film that general audiences would not be interested in. I felt that with the right director and cast and shortened by 40 minutes to two hours and tweaked a little, it would transcend some of the prior prejudices. We're shooting all over the place, in New York, Honduras, London and Africa. Right now if we get out, it will cost $85 million-$87 million in cash, with no fees, interest or overhead. We worked hard to keep these costs down. With P&A (prints and advertising), this is a $110 million risk.

  • Another report on a recent Miami sighting from People online:

    Matt Damon: A Bachelorette's Gift

    Matt Damon made one bride-to-be extremely happy when he became the guest of honor at a bachelorette party at Miami Beach's hip steakhouse Prime One Twelve recently.

    Damon was dining with fiancée Luciana Barroso and several friends when a bachelorette party realized he was there. One by one, the dozen excited ladies sidled up to his table and approached the Oscar winner (who'll next be seen alongside pal George Clooney in the political thriller Syriana, out Dec. 9). He graciously chatted with them during his meal, says an onlooker.

    After dinner, while waiting to pick up his car at the valet parking, Damon – always the gentleman – "posed for pictures," says a source. "He was really nice to them." Now that's one for the soon-to-be newlywed's memory books.
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