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  • Matt was on the cover and the featured article in the August 2005 issue of Flaunt magazine, a monthly glossy. A link to the story (first paragraph only) and two pictures are now online at the Flaunt website. The article is by Gregory Garry and photographs by Anthony Mandler. Some excerpts:

    On his preparation for Brothers Grimm:
    "I had horseback riding, yoga, and tango lessons to make me move more gracefully. I don't know what effect they had. I'm still not very elegant," he sheepishly admits.

    On Project Greenlight's troubled season three (which did get an Emmy nomination but lost):
    "We're done. It got the best reviews ever this season, and my guess is we'll be nominated for an Emmy again, but no one saw it. It's sad because it's a shitload of work. If your show is the best reviewed show in the New York Times, it's the kiss of death. I guess Ben and I will stick to the movie business."

    On his friendship with Ben:
    "We've never had a falling out, the John-and-Paul moment. We've always celebrated each other's victories. It's such a hard fucking business, you gotta pull for each other!"

    On Syriana:
    "This came out really well. It's a huge, global story, similar to Traffic structurally, with many different story lines bumping into each other. George gave me the script during Ocean's Twelve and I was just floored by it."

    On The Good Shepherd:
    The film chronicles the birth of the CIA, from Yale University and its Skull and Bones culture, through World War II and the OSS to the Bay of Pigs.

    "It's not based on actual people, but the story itself is true in the way that the Godfather is the story of the Cosa Nostra, but isn't based on the Gambinos. That way there's more wiggle room for drama."

    On the Marco Polo project:
    Damon seems drawn to the historical film and his pet project is to portray explorer Marco Polo.

    "It's such a great story but it's never been made into a movie," he says.

    On The Departed:
    "I play a state police detective working for the mob. It's a great role, plus I have a couple scenes with Jack Nicholson. What more can you ask for?"

    On the future:
    Among the giants of the film industry, there's no doubt about Damon's mental facilities, talent, or smart role choices. He now has his pick of directors: Scorsese, De Niro, Soderbergh, Gilliam.

    "I don't really have any dream projects anymore. I mean, to work with those guys, my God!"

    Being a pragmatic actor, he also knows the flipside of the fairy tale, too, that at any moment it can all turn into a pumpkin.

    "Actors are mostly reactive and have to take what we get because we have to work, to support our families, lavish lifestyles, or drug habits. I've been lucky the way things lined up. But it'll go away. The movies will stop making money at some point," Damon says, in his typically down-to-earth way.

    "And that's OK. I'm just really proud of the movies. When people who carry guns for a living say I'm shooting one believably, that's really all the praise I need."

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