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Margaret, Brothers Grimm

  • Matt's character of Mr Aaron in Margaret is a lawyer who witnesses the bus accident and assists the other characters, according to this Spanish story.

  • Martin Campbell, the director of the next Bond film, talked about Matt and the Bourne movies here:

    Do you think the Bourne films have an affect or are going to affect the James Bond films?

    I don't think so. The truth about the Bourne films, which I love by the way and I think Matt Damon is fantastic in them, but that's a man who is hunted by his past, someone who can't remember his past, he's always on the run and is a very serious kind of...he's just focused on trying to find his past.

    Where as Bond I think has a lot of elements. He has a sense of humor, he's a great womanizer, he's very attractive, he's a great poker player or card player, he's a gambler. He's all of those things plus he's deadly. So he has all those elements, now that's something Bourne doesn't have.

  • Terry Gilliam talked about The Brothers Grimm's release in the US to The Telegraph:

    It grossed $38 million in America - not a hit, but hardly a disaster. And, as Gilliam notes: "I always get bad reviews in America. My films do better in the rest of the world." He ticks off countries where it has since opened with success: "Number one in Spain! France! Mexico! Taiwan!"

  • Gilliam's comment is supported by the latest international box office figures from Reuters:

    "The Brothers Grimm," aided by second-week scores in Germany and France, which dropped 38 percent and 34 percent, respectively, took in $3.9 million from 1,392 screens in 19 territories to provide a foreign gross of $27.8 million.

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