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  • The Syriana premiere will be held in New York on Sunday 20 November as a fundraiser for the Natural Resources Defense Council.

  • A Gawker sighting from earlier this week:

    Saw Matt Damon (well, I like to think that Matt Damon saw me, and I caught him looking) on Broadway between 86th and 87 on Sunday afternoon. The trailers have been there since early last week—what was new that day (other than Matt's decidedly hot, 1950s-styled self) was a sign on one of the trailers that read, "Luna C. Asylum … We have bunkers if you are bonkers."

  • From the Dupont Twins gossip column in Beverly Hills 213:

    We heard from someone that Matt Damon’s fiancée, Lucy Barroso, treated Matt to a performance of Chicago as one of her many birthday gifts for the handsome, one-time teen idol. Since he was a kid, Matt was a huge fan of Brooke Shields and had posters all over his room of her, including the Calvin Klein jeans poster "Nothing comes between me and my Calvins." So it was a special treat for Matt to see the show and to go backstage and meet Brooke for the first time, posing for pictures with her. By the way, Matt and Luciana have been planning their wedding and are saying that it will be a big, very traditional affair, most likely at their new $10.3 million Miami Beach mansion, which they are now in the process of decorating. Luciana and her five-year-old daughter, who’ll be a part of the wedding, recently paid a call on Carolina Herrera to discuss what kind of dresses she will be designing for the two of them.

  • A long LA press junket interview with Matt about Brothers Grimm, published ahead of the UK release next Friday, has some new quotes - from here.

    Q: Will is forced against his desire to become an adventurer and face his fears. How accessible have you been to face your own fears?

    Matt Damon: I am not put in situations where I have to face fears that often. I have a fear of sharks and I went swimming with sharks about six months ago. I just jump ed in the water with them. I had a good feeling that they wouldn't attack but I want ed to do it just to say that I could do it and get it out of the way.
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