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Filming in Tarrytown

  • Details of a new filming location for The Good Shepherd from the Journal News - excerpts:

    Downtown Tarrytown will become a movie set next week for a new film directed by Robert De Niro and starring Matt Damon and Angelina Jolie.

    Scenes from "The Good Shepherd" will be shot on Main Street on Tuesday through Thursday, according to Village Administrator Stephen McCabe.

    Kuehndorf would not say what scenes would be filmed in Tarrytown, but members of Motion Picture Studio Mechanics Local 52 working on the sets downtown yesterday said Damon's character will take a date to see "The Cherry Orchard" inside Tarrytown Music Hall.

    Damon also will have a scene in The Set Back Inn, a bar that will be called "Old Dominion Tavern" in the movie.

  • Matt was included in People magazine's online story about what makes the stars sexy.

    Matt Damon - The Romantic

    He's had his share of Hollywood girlfriends, but Damon didn't find his soul mate on a movie set – they met in a bar. And since meeting Argentina-born bartender Luciana Barroso in Miami Beach in 2003, Damon, 35, has treated her like a princess – complete with jaunts to the Bahamas and yachting trips in Italy. Even before getting engaged in September, it was clear that he was "very serious about her," says pal Jamal Prince. And he's taken Barroso's daughter, 7, under his wing, too.

  • A Gawker sighting:

    Saw Matt Damon last night…about 11pm corner of bond and Lafayette. I crouched down to tie my shoe and as I looked up, Matt Damon and pretty companion (Luciana Barroso?) came careening around the corner and almost ran me over. Walking very quickly and w/a serious expression, he was looking pretty normal in a nondescript baseball cap and an ‘Argentina’ soccer jacket—possibly a tribute to his fiancee?
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