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  • The first professional review of Syriana is from Peter Travers at Rolling Stone, who gave it four stars (highest possible rating). Excerpts (minor spoiler):

    No dry civics lesson, this fighting-mad film isn't just hot, it's incendiary. And no one gets off the hook. You see it with the exhilarating feeling that a movie can make a difference.

    Matt Damon gives a whiplash performance as energy analyst Bryan Woodman, willing to use the accidental death of his son in the house of Prince Nasir for his own gain. He tells his horrified wife (Amanda Peet) that working for Nasir will be like having their own personal ATM.

    It's the kind of give-'em-hell filmmaking that Hollywood left for dead, the kind that matters. Clooney says his company will produce more movies like Good Night, and Good Luck and Syriana. Godspeed.

  • One of the many articles about the politics, research and film-making style of Syriana is at Time.

  • Actor Jean Reno has been added to the cast of Margaret, noted officially here, but also in this new article at the New York Times, which discusses scenes from the movie that will be filmed at New York's Metropolitan Opera House.

  • A weekend sighting of Matt at a Miami golf course is at the Miami Herald.
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