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  • Matt is in People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive issue at number 11. The online photo and caption are available here.

    Matt Damon
    When pal (and former Sexiest Man Alive) George Clooney heard that Damon had popped the question to nonceleb Luciana Barroso, he exclaimed: "Can you believe it? He's settling down. Another one bites the dust." But for the actor, 35, it's all about keeping it real: He's already bought a house in Miami so his future stepdaughter can go to school there.

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  • Some Syriana anecdotes from Stephen Gaghan are here, including:

    Gaghan also revealed that the movie's ending (and no spoiler here, but let’s just say it doesn’t offer much hope) was a sudden, politically inspired last-minute deviation from the script. Just as work on the scene originally planned was starting, the crew in Dubai got word that George W. Bush had been re-elected. The news was such a downer, said Gaghan, that he made a mordant quick decision---one he chose not to share with the suits in Hollywood. When word reached them, they were not happy, and tried to get executive producer Steven Soderbergh to intervene. Soderbergh's response to the new scene: "Fuck, why didn't I think of that?"

  • A very long, interesting and detailed interview with Stephen Gaghan about Syriana by Moriarty of Aint It Cool News is now online.
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