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Rome premiere, Bourne DVD

  • A picture of Matt and Brad from the Rome premiere of Ocean's Twelve is below (removed).

  • Text from Extra's coverage of the LA premiere:

    But George had Matt Damon on his mind as he continued his campaign for People magazine to name Matt the Sexiest Man Alive: "Please, he wants it so bad!" George pleaded.

    As for Matt, the night was a trip down memory lane. "You know, Ben and I lived down on [nearby street] Cherokee," he told us. "I just went over to Musso and Franks before I came here and I looked up at my old apartment."

    And Catherine told us she hopes a girl could be in Matt Damon’s future, should there be an "Ocean’s 13:" "I think he should get a love interest. It’s Matt’s time."

    "Maybe Matt and George. Who knows?" joked Michael.

    As if all this glitz and glamour wasn’t enough, the "Ocean’s" gang ended the night by jetting off to Rome for the movie’s European premieres. Famed "Ocean’s 12" producer Jerry Weintraub, the man behind the spectacular Hollywood event, told us they were flying in style. "We’ve got a 757 with bedrooms and champagne and caviar," he revealed.

  • Producer Frank Marshall talked about the Bourne DVD to the Sun Times:

    Q. How did you avoid the "curse of the sequel"?

    A. [Laughing] It was all about not resting on our laurels and doing the same movie over again. Sequels are a challenge. We have these three books in the [Bourne] series, which put us in a good position for a guaranteed sequel. But we went far afield of the original story because the Cold War and the whole KGB thing are over. So coming up with an original story was the biggest challenge for the original and especially the sequel.

    Q. Matt Damon has almost no dialogue in this picture, and yet his character speaks volumes.

    A. That's a tribute to his acting. He's come of age in this movie. His characterization comes through loud and clear through the looks he gives. He can show anxiety and brooding and disillusionment with his eyes. Words are unnecessary for his character to convey his thought process, his intent.

    Q. Was Damon the first choice for Jason Bourne, and why go with such a preppy-looking spy?

    A. We wanted a fresh look at the spy genre. But I came on to the [first] movie late, and Brad Pitt was the first actor they went to with the role. Then he took on another project and they went to Matt. Matt was kind of an unlikely choice for this type of role, but that's why I think people really responded to him in the film. He's the college guy, so he's the least-likely assassin. [Laughs] Which makes him the perfect assassin.

  • Martin Scorsese talked about The Departed to the

    For his next feature, "The Departed," the director of "GoodFellas" and "Casino" takes on the mob again. "I said I wouldn't do that, but I found the script so interesting," he says of the movie, which co-stars Di- Caprio and Matt Damon. "It's about a different underworld than the one I'm familiar with - the Irish underworld in Boston." I ask Scorsese why gangsters are so prevalent in movies and on TV when few people have ever met one.

    "What do you mean?" he replies, becoming suddenly animated. "Gangsters are all around. They are in the government, they're into schools - they're everywhere. They push and force and intimidate. I don't understand a family like the Sopranos living in a gilded house in New Jersey. I grew up in the tenements with street law. But the world of all quote - gangsters - unquote fascinates me, because it's about the nature of power and, ultimately, what is the nature of power but who we are as human beings?"
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