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  • There's a fun video interview with Matt and George Clooney interviewing each other at Moviefone.

  • Another video interview with Matt by MSNBC's Rita Cosby is available at their site, including Cosby summarising her opinions about the interview here, and the transcript here, including:

    I hope you will all tune to see my interview with Matt Damon tonight at 9 p.m. and 1 a.m. ET. We all know him as a talented actor, who rose to fame with his pal Ben Affleck, with their critically acclaimed drama "Good Will Hunting." Since that Oscar-winning film, he has done numerous other blockbusters, but beyond his great acting, he really came across as a regular guy, and someone who cares about the world we live in.

    When I arrived to the hotel to meet his publicist and conduct the interview, he stood up, shook my hand, and smiled warmly. There was no pretense about him or his mannerisms. He was far from a "prima donna," and seemed interested to answer any question I had. Nothing was off limits...

    COSBY: Have you set a wedding date?

    DAMON: No, not yet, not yet. Well, we—you know, sometime next year we‘re going to figure it out. When I stop working, we're going to take a break, and we‘ll come up with air and figure out what we're going to do.

  • Another contact music story from the junket:

    MATT DAMON urges other celebrities to follow his lead and have relationships with non-famous partners - because his life is now perfect. The actor is engaged to LUCIANA BARROSO, who he met when she was working in a Miami wine bar.

    He loves the fact his fiancee isn't a high profile star - because it means he lead a virtually-anonymous private life.

    He says, "I'm with a normal girl and it's great. People don't know who she is, don't care that I'm with her and never follow us around. There's a lesson - if you like a low-profile life away from filming, then don't date another celebrity.

    "This is what I've always wanted. I can do the acting, live my life, enjoy the attention and not be chased because I'm with someone well-known."
  • From the junket interview at Cinematical:

    Q: What's your favorite film this year?
    MATT: "Good Night, and Good Luck" is the only movie I liked this year.
    Q: What'd you like about that?
    MATT: It's the only movie I've seen. [Laughs.] Honest to God. I got of work early this week, once, and I went to the movies. I went and saw that. I loved it. [Clooney] had read some of those speeches while we were doing Ocean's, and it was just amazing. And I've read all the reviews. I read the New York Times every [day] because I'm shooting in New York, so I've read every review, but I just haven't seen any movies.

  • And the junket interview at Chud:

    Q: The last Greenlight might have been the last one yet.
    Damon: and it might have been the last one… (laughs)
    Q: Is there going to be a future for that?
    Damon: It doesn’t look good. Right now, it doesn’t even look like they’re releasing Feast. They said they were going to release Feast over Christmas, but I don’t know if that’s happening. It’s good and I think for that genre, teenage kids would like to go see it and get scared. It’s definitely the most…it’s got the best chance of making its money back of any Greenlight movie, which isn’t saying a lot.
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