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  • From an interview with Syriana actress Amanda Peet at Movieline's Hollywood Life magazine:

    Q: Your Syriana costars, Matt Damon and George Clooney, are both known for being practical jokers. Did they pull any pranks on you on the set?
    A: Not on the set, but when we were shooting in New York, I was still doing my play, and I was having terrible stage fright, so I decided not to let people tell me when they were coming. I told Matt about this, and a few weeks later, five minutes till curtain, I get a note from him: "Dear Amanda, I will be silently judging you."
    Q: That's downright -
    A: Evil? [Laughs] I think it's the funniest thing that anyone has ever done to me. The whole time I'm saying my lines thinking "Matt Damon is here, Matt Damon is here." I can't wait until he does a play [again].

    Q: What do you love about being an actor?
    A: The moments where you feel like you're that person and you're not in your head at all. It's like nothing else in the world. Matt Damon was telling me that he and Don Cheadle have a word for it, "relaxentration."

  • From a Canoe interview:

    Matt Damon is engaged to be married to his Argentinian sweetheart, Luciana Barroso, but he won't say where or when it will happen.

    "I'm just real happy, but that's way off down the road," Damon says of the wedding day.

    Meanwhile, he is learning Spanish -- "slowly but surely" -- and laments that the Spanish he learned on visits to Mexico is so different from the Argentinian version of the language.

  • A Foxnews story on Syriana - excerpt:

    I asked costar Matt Damon if this film sparked political discussions among the cast when the cameras weren’t rolling.

    "There’s this perception that everyone in Hollywood is liberal," said Damon, "and that’s not necessarily true. You have a lot of conservatives as well. So there’s always this healthy debate going around movie sets. People get into it."

  • There's an interview with Matt in the current issue of the British Now magazine.
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