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Bourne revisited, cut-rate Syriana

  • A revisiting of history from an interview with Bourne Identity director Doug Liman at the NY Post:

    Are you glad when people say "Bourne" should inspire the Bond franchise to reinvent itself?
    First of all, you have to know I love James Bond. That's my fantasy - to direct a James Bond movie. It's in my soul. They would never even entertain talking to me. It is a little surreal that this untouchable, golden franchise might actually change as a result of "The Bourne Identity."
    Why didn't you direct "The Bourne Supremacy?"
    I personally hated the script.

  • A NY Post sighting:

    Matt Damon and his parents eating dinner at Mexican fast-food joint Burritoville on Second Avenue...

  • An article at Variety discussed how Matt and George received virtually no salary for Syriana...:

    To keep the "Syriana" budget around $50 million, the stars deferred their salaries. Clooney says, "Matt (Damon) and I did it for virtually nothing."

    And this is confirmed by comments from George Clooney in his latest Los Angeles Confidential interview, as scanned at Clooney Network:

    Clooney: "The thing that’s most amazing about Syriana is that it is, in fact, a studio film. The trick is, you get Matt Damon, who gets around $20 million a film, and you get me, and we do it for much less than what we’re offered… It’s the only way you can get that kind of film made. So Warner Brothers, to its credit, said “If you can get me Matt Damon and George at this [price], and you can deliver the film at under $50 million, then OK, we’ll make the movie."

  • The first Oscar consideration ad for Syriana, including Matt, is also from Clooney Network:

    Image Hosted by
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