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  • Is anyone able to scan the photo of Matt and Lucy in this week's People magazine (Britney cover)? I can't access the magazine, but here's the caption:

    Syriana Premiere Party NEW YORK CITY, NOV. 20
    George Clooney reunites with former ER love interest Julianna Margulies, while Matt Damon escorts off-screen fiancee Luciana Barroso to the bash at the New York Public Library for the actors' new drama. About Damon's upcoming nuptials, Clooney said, "I tried to stop him. No, I'm so happy."

  • Amanda Peet talked about receiving 'that' note on Letterman Monday - here's part of the story at Contact Music:

    And Peet is urging her famous friends to keep their plans to see her onstage low-key - because she'll be terrified if she discovers they're in the audience.

    She only wishes her SYRIANA co-star Matt Damon had taken heed of her concerns when she was last on stage in an off-Broadway production.

    She recalls, "He seemed very sympathetic and then a few days later I was about to start the show and they gave the five minute call and someone knocked on my door and I got a little envelope and I opened it and it was personalised Matt Damon stationery.

    "It said, 'Dear Amanda, I will be silently judging you!' so the entire time I was performing all I was thinking was 'Matt Damon's here, Matt Damon's here, Matt Damon's here.'"

  • Many thanks to Clooney Studio for providing me with scans of Matt's interview in Now magazine. Clooney Studio kindly says that any other site can have access to the scans, if they provide a credit and link to Clooney Studio.

    The interview, however, has many errors, and a number of quotes that I believe are completely fictitious. There are some very obvious mistakes (eg names, Oprah story, who visited Australia, the length of the visit to Australia) and quotes which appear to be very unlikely to be true (Matt talking about Brad and Angelina). Enjoy the photos, but do not consider the article, even the supposed direct quotes, to be truthful or accurate.

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  • Trash celebrity journalism moment: Vote on your favourite celebrity engagement ring here. (No doubt it is not Lucy's exact ring, but one of a similar style.)
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