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In Touch interview

  • There's an interview with Matt in the new December 12 issue of In Touch magazine. Here's the summary from their newsletter:

    In Touch with Matt Damon
    "I’ve longed for kids for a while," reveals Matt Damon, who got engaged to his girlfriend of two years, Luciana Barroso, in September. The Syriana star opens up about planning a wedding and preparing for fatherhood.

    Check out In Touch for more on why Matt is ready to be a dad.

  • From Friday's Boston Herald:

    And that there’s a rumor running rampant on the North Shore that “Syriana” star Matt Damon and his lady love, Luciana Barroso, tied the knot in a private ceremony in Essex last weekend. Damon’s publicist Jennifer Allen was unavailable to comment yesterday.

  • An excerpt from an interview with actor Max Minghella in USA Weekend:

    BEST ACTOR GIFT. When Minghella was 13, Matt Damon, then 28, gave him a Super 8 video camera on the Italian set of his father's "The Talented Mr. Ripley." Minghella used it to mimic scenes his father was filming. "Matt is someone I learned from," he says. "He tries to live an ordinary life." Minghella is wary of celebrity. "If you're with Jude [Law] in London, you get chased by 20 photographers. I'll never be that kind of actor."

  • Another junket interview with a few new quotes is at
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