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Oprah and Leno re-caps

  • Reader Sandi kindly provided a summary of Matt's recent appearance on Oprah.

  • Matt said George couldn't come with him and talked about George's injury. He said "If he gave up a chance to make fun of me on national TV, it’s gotta be bad." Then they talked about how Matt accepted the Oceans 12 movie in 45 seconds.

  • For the movie they travelled all over the world and it was really weird working with Brad Pitt. People stepping over him to get to Brad, and they let out an animal shriek. Matt said Brad’s such a regular guy in private and very down to earth.

  • Being a celebrity is so different from real life.

  • Matt doesn’t age. Oprah said he looks like he graduated last week from high school.

  • They showed George and Brad talking about Matt, and George interviewed Brad about the Sexiest Man Alive thing. They were acting like it was a literal interview and Brad was talking about if Matt puts some work into it, and if he applies himself, he can make it. George started sulking and Brad said "You’re on the over 40 list" then George laughed and said "So when are you going to have kids."

  • Matt talked about how they’re shooting in Italy…and he told the story about how Brad told everyone to call George "Mr Ocean."

  • He talked about how he had to interview Catherine Zeta Jones…and Matt asked Catherine how she wound up with Brad and not him. She said it had to do with the sexiest man alive thing. Then she interviews Matt and asked howw did you get started and he said "You know when you get out of gay porn..." then he started laughing.

  • Oprah asked if he had fun with the celebrity life, and Matt answered that he likes the work but he does have a weird life.

  • He talks about Lucy and how she's an easy person to be around; she’s tough to have airs around.

  • They talked about Ben’s thing on Saturday Night Live when he disses Matt. He laughed and said "That’s what friends are for." Oprah asked about what he thought of Bennifer and he said he was in Europe for most of it. He talks about how hard it was for Ben.

  • They showed a clip of Julia a few weeks ago, and Oprah asked her about Matt. Julia Roberts said "Matt’s the guy of guy you want to be your son! He’s soo sweet!" Matt talks about how she was so much fun to work with.

  • Then she showed Bernie Mac live, and they talked to him. Bernie talks about how he was sick for a while with double pneumonia. They talked about how Amsterdam was so different for Bernie because people knew who he was.

  • Bernie said George is the handsome one, Brad’s the gorgeous guy, and Matt the nice looking guy! Brad Pitt is just too just damn fine! They went on about it. Then Bernie said Don Cheadle is the most under-rated of the cast and Matt agreed. "On the street, Matt’s nasty! All of those guys are!" They were laughing. "Matt Damon is a box of candy, he's a sweet guy."

  • Then Don Cheadle came out and sat with Matt. Oprah talked to Don about the pranks, and Don doesn’t play. But his daughters didn’t listen and got into some water fights with Clooney.

  • Oprah talked to Don about his other films. Matt talked about Don's film "Hotel Rwanda" and how moved he was while watching it.

  • Then the audience started asking questions. The first one asked if it was the same in his old neighborhood and he said he just has to live his life. He said his friends are the same, but everyone else changes around you. He said it’s good because he gets better seats at the Red Sox, and special services at the airport. He said at hotels it’s also fun and mentioned the Mr President thing when checking into hotels.

  • An audience member asked what he thought of the Red Sox this year. Matt said he can’t even articulate what it feels like. He said people have been waiting so long, some people who are 86 years old hadn’t seen them win.

  • Another person asked what he wanted for Christmas and he said he gets to spend Christmas with his family and that’s all he wanted for Christmas. He’s been working so much and he has about a year and a half more of work . Oprah asked him if he exchanges gifts with his girlfriend and he said yes, and with his family, he said all his dad wants this year is golf balls. Oprah has a great idea for him about the golf balls and Matt said don’t tell me on the show, tell me after because his dad is going to watch this. She laughed and said okay, I’ll tell you after the show.

  • Then she thanked him for being on the show, saying "Matt, sweet guy, box of candy, thank you." He laughed and said "This box of candy has had it with you people!" Joking of course.

  • Thanks also to Maureen for her summary of Matt's appearance on Jay Leno's show:

    The questions and answers were the same old stuff that he's GOT to be tired of repeating verbatim, like George Clooney being addressed as "Mr. Ocean" and subsequent revenge bumper stickers, Lake Como... He did talk quite animatedly about George Clooney, how he doesn't speak Italian but has learned the inflections of the hand motions while talking English (Matt claimed he said, "stop it George, it's embarrassing").

    He was asked about quitting smoking, which he replied that he's four months in. Leno said, "You don't look like a guy that goes for hypnosis" to which Matt replied, "I don't look like a guy that smokes, either." Leno asked if he wasn't scared that some *secret* phrase was implanted to kick off a reaction? to which Matt replied, "Oh, like the 'Manchurian Candidate'? Like say 'cleaning lady' and I take all my clothes off and start dancing? Well, you never know." *cheers from crowd*

    This went onto discussing Ben (Matt: "oh, he smokes like a freight train") and Leno saying, pushing, that maybe there should be an intervention, like what are friends for but to help other friends in need type deal. This followed by a recorded "announcement" from Ben Affleck about supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters. Ben said on this pseudo commercial (and I'll paraphrase) "Do you know somebody who needs a Big Brother? Somebody very insecure and needy? Somebody to take to the movies or the park... then be a Big Brother to Matt Damon because I'm sick and tired of doing it myself"

    Matt did not seem amused, although he was smiling. All he said to that was that "I wondered why he kept wanting to go to the park, and he insisted on wearing that trench coat..."

    The Feaster Five was mentioned, how Kyle dragged him out of bed at 5:30am and before he was even awake it was 7am a gun went off and he just started running. He thought he was doing really good (and he was imitating himself running, talking to himself, saying he was pacing good) when two 8 year olds passed him, chatting away, not even tired. At the sight of the finish line he was really trying to run like mad ("to catch those two little brats") and there was Channel 4 news. He said, "Oh my God, now I've got to look like Jason Bourne and not like what I really feel like, which is to just start crying."
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