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Matt may soon be a dad, but it's not confirmed yet

  • Access Hollywood has broken the story that Matt and Lucy are expecting a child, and that Lucy is three months pregnant. The original story is here, and partly copied below. Congratulations to them both (if true).

    Matt Damon's fiancee is pregnant

    First Ben. Now Matt.

    Matt Damon and fianceé Luciana Barroso are expecting their first child together, Access Hollywood has learned. Luciana is three months pregnant.

    Matt popped the question just before Labor Day to Luciana, who he had been dating for more than one year. The couple has yet to set a date for the wedding.

    Matt and Luciana met at the Miami nightclub Crobar where Barroso worked as a bartender. Once married, Matt will also become stepdad to Luciana's 7-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

    Matt is currently shooting his new film "The Good Shepherd" in New York. Shooting is set to be finished in January.

  • Update: The story has not been confirmed yet. From the Boston Herald (which also says that Matt's still in New York, not London):

    Damon’s new role: Dad?

    Not to be outdone by his best Boston bud Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and his fiancee, Luciana Barroso, reportedly are expecting their own little Red Sox fan this summer.

    Matt’s future bride, who has been sporting engagement bling since just before Labor Day, is three months pregnant, according to “Access Hollywood.” Luciana has a 7-year-old daughter, Alexa, from a previous relationship.

    Damon’s rep, Jennifer Allen, told the Track last night that the "Syriana" star was on the set of "The Good Shepherd" in the Apple all day so she had "no knowledge of whether it is true or not."

    "Access Hollywood decided to go with the story because they believe their source is reliable — at their own risk," she added.

    Be that as it may, Damon told the Herald’s Stephen Schaefer just last week that he enjoyed his first on-screen daddy role in "Syriana" because "fatherhood is definitely appealing."

    "I’ve longed for it in real life anyway," he said, adding that he needs to brush up on being a disciplinarian.

    "I’m very good at winding up the kids, I’m just not good at chilling them out," he said. "I think I spoil them. I think I like to play whatever games they like to play. I spoil them with attention, not stuff so much," Damon added. "We’re pretty good about that 'cause I don’t think that helps if you give a kid every kind of material thing that he wants."

    And to think this parenting genius dropped out of Harvard!

    Matt met Luciana, who grew up in California, in Crobar, a trendy Miami nightclub where Luci was tending bar. The Oscar-winning "Good Will Hunting" star was in South Beach filming the Farrelly Brothers comedy "Stuck On You" and they’ve been dating ever since.

    Last spring, the couple bought a house in Florida which cemented the relationship.

    "It was a foregone conclusion," Damon told Schaefer. "I never wanted to let anybody know. The engagement isn’t, like, anything new. We know we’re together."

    No wedding date has been set, but Damon said it will be a private affair.
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