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  • A few more details from late news stories - the first from the updated article at People magazine:

    But it was soon back to work for the actor, who headed to the Yonkers, N.Y., set of his CIA thriller The Good Shepherd after his nuptials. "I had to be here today," he told PEOPLE. "I had to come to work."

  • From a story at USA Today - (Matt and Lucy were heading to the airport in the photos from Saturday):

    Amid a wave of celebrity breakups, two high-profile couples decided to take a walk down the aisle in private ceremonies this weekend.

    Country music superstar Garth Brooks and 2005 Grammy nominee Trisha Yearwood exchanged vows Saturday in Oklahoma, a day after Matt Damon and Luciana Bozan were quietly married in New York.

    Damon, 35, exchanged "I do's" Friday morning at City Hall in New York, spokeswoman Jennifer Allen says. Bozan, 29, has a 7-year-old daughter from her first marriage. The two met two years ago in Miami, where Bozan was a bartender. The bride previously was known as Luciana Barroso but recently started going by her maiden name, Bozan. It's the first marriage for Damon, who was in New York shooting the final 10 days of the Robert De Niro film The Good Shepherd.

    Allen says the couple didn't tell anyone about their ceremony beforehand but immediately called family and friends after it took place.

    Allen says she assumes Damon's best friend and Good Will Hunting co-star, Ben Affleck, was among those called. Bozan's daughter, Alexia, witnessed the nuptials, along with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

    The newlyweds jetted off Saturday to the UK, Allen says.

  • Actor Greg Kinnear was asked for his comments on the marriage at The Matador premiere by Entertainment Tonight:

    Actor GREG KINNEAR, who co-starred with Damon in the FARRELLY BROTHERS movie 'Stuck on You,' said, "I'm very happy for Matt. It's great news he's with a beautiful, wonderful girl and they are happy and that's good."

    Damon's reps confirmed that the wedding took place in a private ceremony at the City Clerk's Office in New York, with only Luciana's 7-year-old daughter, ALEXA, present.
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