Matt Damon News Column (mattdamoncolumn) wrote,
Matt Damon News Column

Australian magazines incompetent (not news)

  • The quality of celebrity journalism in Australia has never been high, but a new low has been reached. Four magazines (Star, NW, New Idea and Woman's Day) have somehow, independently, based their Matt and Luciana wedding stories around a single false report in Defamer that was a satirical look at how Matt may have celebrated the marriage. The Defamer story is linked above, but was a (very obviously) fake but comical take on a quick NY wedding, eg food from local vendors, flowers from a street stall, upset and temperamental locals taking a waiting cab not meant for them.

    The fake Vito Fossella has now had his name mentioned in three magazines as Australian media have obviously no sense of humor and take it as gospel a source they don't bother to credit or check. Magazine 'NW' takes this a step further, faking quotes about Matt asking George Clooney for money back after seeing his new movie and talking about his "cheapskate ways". Incompetent reporting at its best.
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