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Photos, an almost credit

  • Photos of Matt and Lucy leaving London's Heathrow airport are from Isifa.

    Image Hosted by Image Hosted by

  • But you should have named the culprits! Jeannette Walls picks up my story from yesterday in her MSNBC column about the false report and quotes a "grousing" me! Almost there, but thanks for discrediting the story Jeannette (and you really should have got Luciana's name correct - the early AP reports of the wedding included the error).

    Don’t believe everything you read about Matt Damon’s wedding.

    Peculiar details have emerged about the recent nuptials of the "Ocean's Twelve" star to Lucianne Bozan at City Hall in Manhattan — but it turns out their “source” was hardly rock-solid.

    Various publications around the world, as well as several Web sites, have "reported" on such bizarre tidbits as a garbageman catching the bridal bouquet, wedding guests dining on pretzels and knishes from a roadside cart, and the newlyweds trying to hail a taxi which was commandeered by a pushy Wall Streeter who told them, "I don’t give a [bleep] who you are — I’m late for a lunch."

    The reports, it seems, were based on an account that originally appeared in — and was obviously a spoof, but was picked up without credit and repeated as fact. "Incompetent reporting at its best," groused a fan site at

    Damon’s publicist laughed it off. "This sort of thing happens all the time," she told The Scoop. "People just make things up."
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