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More photos, London filming report

  • Candid photos of Matt and Lucy at Miami airport, including the first close-up photo of Lucy's ring(s), are from fotomarktplatz and People.

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  • Photos of Matt and Lucy in Miami are from Goff.

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  • A report on the filming of The Good Shepherd in London from This is London:

    Down the Tube with Matt

    By Tom Teodorczuk, Evening Standard

    As honeymoons go, it is hardly the most romantic. Hollywood star Matt Damon, who married girlfriend Luciana Bozan just 10 days ago, is now hard at work in London filming The Good Shepherd - Robert De Niro's latest directing project.

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    As well as Damon, the film also stars Angelina Jolie, Michael Gambon and De Niro himself. It tells the story of the CIA as viewed through the eyes of Edward Wilson, a fictional founder agent of the agency.

    The movie, tipped to be one of next year's big hits, is being filmed in different locations in the capital, including The Strand, where a wartime London Underground Tube station has been re-created, and the Windsor Castle pub in Notting Hill Gate whose regulars include Madonna.

    It is De Niro's second film as a director after 1993's A Bronx Tale. It is the first time he has filmed in Britain since he starred in Kenneth Branagh's adaptation of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, which was shot at Shepperton Studios.

  • The story from People about the wedding, thanks to Clooney Network:

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  • Syriana will be showing out of competition at the Berlin Film Festival. The Brothers Grimm was released on DVD Wednesday.
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