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London set photos, resolutions

  • From an article about New Year's resolutions of the stars by Lawrie Masterson in the (Australian) Sunday Herald-Sun:

    Recently married to beautiful Argentinian Luciana Barroso - "I'm just lucky she said yes" - and with his career running hot, Matt Damon is not about to tempt fate by making New Year's resolutions.

    "Things in my life have been going really well and I just want them to keep going the way they are," he said. "I'd just like more of the same."

  • Syriana has now made over $30 million in the US, and Brothers Grimm has made over $100 million internationally.

  • There's an interview with Matt at the MTVU site, conducted by a Harvard student.

  • Thanks again to BlueKermit and Limelight for high quality photos from the Good Shepherd set in London - Matt is pictured below with Billy Crudup (I think):

    Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

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