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Scans, filming in Dominican Republic

  • Thanks to Kristy of and Sylvie of Robert for some recent Us magazine scans.

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  • The Good Shepherd will film for a week in the Dominican Republic from Saturday. An article (in Spanish) about the filming that's more accurate than many of the others online is here. UPDATE: An article on Matt and Robert De Niro's arrival in Santiago is here.

  • From an interview with singer Ann Hampton Callaway at Playbill, where she talks about her role in The Good Shepherd:

    The multitalented performer, who received a Tony nomination and a Theatre World Award for her Broadway debut in Swing!, can also be heard in two of this season’s new films, singing "Isn’t it Romantic?" and "The Nearness of You" in Queen Latifah’s "Last Holiday" and pouring her heart and soul into "Come Rain or Come Shine" in Robert De Niro’s "The Good Shepherd." She also makes her screen debut in the latter, singing the Johnny Mercer classic while Angelina Jolie and Matt Damon dance to her sultry tones.

    Q: Tell me a bit about the two other movies.

    Callaway: ...That’s my feature film singing debut, and then I got to record "Come Rain or Come Shine" in the studio with Bob De Niro directing me, and he liked me so much that he decided to put me in the movie "The Good Shepherd," so I got to be fitted in about two days for a dress by Ann Roth and be on the set with Angelina Jolie and Matt Damon and Bill Hurt. It’s going to be an incredible film — a very big undertaking to follow the life of the first CIA director. It’s a very powerful movie, and I’m thrilled to be in one of the pivotal scenes in the movie where it’s a turning point in the plot and singing "Come Rain or Come Shine" with a slew of fabulous people dancing in front of me!

  • A (no doubt false) item from Mike Walker's gossip section in the National Enquirer:

    Didja hear what Ben Affleck got Beantown buddy Matt Damon for a wedding present when he married pregnant sweetie Luciana Bozan? A miniature jailhouse with a photo of married Matt peeking out from behind bars! Sound kinda cruel? Maybe you don’t know what Matt gave Ben when he married Jennifer Garner – a ball-and-chain!
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