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Arriving in the Dominican Republic

  • A photo of Matt at the Santiago airport is from here. An English summary of various reports is copied below, from

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    De Niro and Damon arrive

    Yesterday at noon, actors Robert De Niro and Matt Damon arrived at the Cibao International Airport, together with a group of technicians and assistants. Both are part of the team that will be filming scenes of the movie "The Good Shepherd" during one week in the DR. El Caribe reports that they arrived in Santiago on a private jet from Miami. They were received in the VIP room of the air terminal by service personnel. A private bus was waiting for them at the terminal. De Niro and Damon first traveled by road to Santiago Rodriguez, where some of the scenes are being filmed, and later to Santo Domingo, checking several of the locations for the film. The team was being expected at the Hilton Hotel, where they are staying, at 6 pm. Other locations chosen for the film are the Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo, the Cibao airport and some in San Pedro de Macoris. Angelina Jolie will be arriving at the Las Americas International Airport next Sunday. Jolie is traveling with Brad Pitt, who said he was very pleased to be spending a few days in the Caribbean. The government has provided personnel to accompany the team 24 hours a day during their stay in the country. The Ministry of Culture has provided security personnel to avoid incidents such as one that happened during the filming of Miami Vice, when filming was disrupted by a drunkard with a gun.
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