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Sean Penn in Good Shepherd?

  • This article about the upcoming filming of The Good Shepherd in the Dominican Republic mentions that Sean Penn is rumored to be among the cast members filming this week.

  • Matt was asked what it was like to work with Robert De Niro in an Italian interview (translated version):

    "Paradise. To have the greatest living actor supervising your performance, speaking with you and following you step by step is the most beautiful and incredible experience that can happen to an actor. Really! It's the greatest asset you could ever ask for as an actor to have Robert De Niro coming up to you and giving you suggestions as to how to play the role."

  • Update: From the NY Daily News:

    It seems Robert De Niro is a better artist than he is an accountant.

    The filmmaker is so overbudget on his latest project, "The Good Shepherd," that he has agreed to forgo his fee, according to a source close to the film. De Niro produces, directs and stars in the CIA thriller.

    "There have been all sorts of problems," says the source. "He's significantly over cost and the studio just wants him to get [the film] in the can."

    Costs ballooned as cast members, including Matt Damon, Angelina Jolie and Alec Baldwin, shuttled between locations like New York, London and the Dominican Republic. De Niro, who has been working on the project for nine years, remains a major investor in the film.

    "He's a really passionate filmmaker, and he just wants to do right by the movie," said the source.

    A rep for De Niro declined to discus his remuneration, but said, "That's not how the business works."

  • From a story about The Red Rooster on Route 22, an hour outside Manhattan:

    Jon Callahan, another manager, said Winslet did indeed visit the small eatery, which specializes in ice cream, burgers and hot dogs. However, it was a few years ago.

    "It was right around the same time Matt Damon came by," Callahan said.

    Damon, of "Good Will Hunting" fame, apparently stopped by on his way to a function at the Hotchkiss School in Lakeville, Conn., but Callahan wasn't positive. He did remember Damon was being driven by a local limo driver and the driver was using his own car to drive Damon around Putnam County.

    "(Damon) didn't want to be driven around in a limo, so the guy was driving him around in a Volvo or something like that. He was sitting in the front seat," Callahan said. "I asked the driver if that was Matt Damon and he said yes."

    Think the driver was lying? Think again. Officials at the Hotchkiss School confirmed that Damon appeared at the school in 2002 – along with the guy who directed "The Karate Kid."
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