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Bourne Ultimatum starts filming August, Good Shepherd details

  • Details about Bourne Ultimatum, which will commence filming in Europe from 1 August, from an interview with producer Frank Marshall by Fred Topel at

    What’s happening with The Bourne Ultimatum?
    Bourne Ultimatum starts August 1st shooting in Europe. Paul Greengrass is the director. Matt Damon’s in it. He loves the script. Tony Gilroy wrote the script and we’ll be off and running. Paul’s doing a movie called Flight 93 right now so Pat Crowley and I are going over to England next month to start preproduction.

    Since The Bourne Ultimatum novel wouldn’t fit in with the Bourne movies, how did Gilroy solve the script?
    He made up another incredible story. It’s really, really out there but it’s incredible.

    Any returning characters?
    Yeah, the Joan Allen character and the Julia Stiles character. Then some fresh new characters, a couple of baddies.

    Will Bourne ever be happy?
    [Laughs] Yeah, I think he’s going to get there on this one. He’s going to get to a place of Nirvana and a place of satisfaction. He’ll feel good about himself by the end of this movie, sail off into the sunset.

  • An article about preparations for filming The Good Shepherd in the Dominican Republican, including photos of the set, is at El Caribe.

  • Oliksa at IMDB found a great article about The Good Shepherd's editor Tariq Anwar, which includes some interesting details on the film, and some worrying ones (composer is James Horner) - from here - excerpts:

    Veteran movie editor Tariq Anwar has been spending a lot of time with Robert De Niro on his new production The Good Shepherd, starring Matt Damon, Angelina Jolie and De Niro himself. The film covers the formation of a secret government organization that would become known as the CIA. Anwar spoke with Post about halfway through an 84-plus-day shoot.

    "The volume of the material is huge," Anwar says, "I've never had quite as many rolls of dailies as this picture. [De Niro] tends to shoot a lot of takes, two or three times more than other directors. We generally plow through the material together, and I take notes of his selections."

    Anwar says that "the performances are great" so the job is really about finding desirable little nuances among all the footage. That's main reason for De Niro's large number of takes--"[Actors] can play things in many, many ways and he wants the freedom of choosing which way he wants to go later on."

    Oscar-winner James Horner (Titanic) will be composing the score for The Good Shepherd whose release date is set for December 2006. "So he will have a guide that we think works for the film," Anwar says, "not necessarily to replicate it, but I think he'll get the tone of the film."

    The Good Shepherd represents the longest shoot Anwar has worked on to date. "There are well over 200 scenes," he says, "it's quite a challenging film." The film's script spans the years from 1939 to 1961. Damon plays Edward Wilson, one of the founders of the CIA, and De Niro plays the man who recruits him. "It's heavily dialogue-based and extremely atmospheric, and the design is just superb."
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