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  • A fairly pointless gossip item at the NY Daily News:

    Baby on board?
    Bartender-turned-interior-decorator Luciana Bozan, Matt Damon's wife of one month, is certainly behaving like a mom-to-be - even if she's not spreading the good news. Last weekend in the Dominican Republic, the 30-year-old Bozan (the subject of recent bulging bikini paparazzi pics) was pointedly skipping alcohol while her 35-year-old husband drained a bottle of El Presidente beer as they partied poolside with his "Good Shepherd" co-star John Turturro and members of the crew at the Sofitel Nicolas de Ovando hotel in Santo Domingo. At one point, Turturro turned to Bozan and asked incredulously, "Are you a vegetarian?" No comment from Damon's flacks.

  • And a shameless press release from a clothing company at prweb:

    Bobbitt’s favorite celebrity moment to date has been creating a gift basket from Matt Damon and his new bride Luciana especially for Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck’s daughter Violet.
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