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The Departed, Sox bash

  • A few mentions of The Departed from NY Daily News and here, talking about the large-scale filming of The Aviator:

    It’s a risky proposition, he said. "I don’t know how many more times I can make a big film with a budget like this that has elements that have enough risk factors to make me feel comfortable," Scorsese said.

    In fact, he said he next is returning to small-scale filmmaking with a gangster movie called The Departed that has a simple tale to tell. "The simplicity is the challenge," he said, "because simplicity is deceptive".

    Scorsese and DiCaprio now have a third film collaboration in the works, "The Departed," an update of the Hong Kong cop-and-gangster tale "Infernal Affairs." Set in contemporary Boston's Irish underworld, "The Departed" begins shooting next year.

  • A story from the Boston Herald:

    Fenway South fete

    The party just won't stop for World Series-clinching Red Sox chief John Henry, who was feted in Florida the other night at a Fenway-themed bash attended by hundreds of buds, including Hollywood It Boy Matt Damon.

    Production poohbah Scott Wooley hosted the hoedown for the soft-spoken Sox sultan at his haute home in Delray Beach, which was transformed into a mini-Fenway South, said our spies.

    Valets sported Sox uniforms, a guy hawked programs at the entrance to the "paaahk" and there was even a pot-bellied Babe Ruth wandering through the party looking crushed now that his Curse was reversed. Or maybe, since it was the Babe, the doppleganger was just drunk!

    Anyway, we're told Damon, a Sox superfan, came late to the party with a few of his buds. Team titan Tom Werner, hobbling hero hurler Curt Schilling and perennial party guest, the World Series trophy, were also in attendance.

    During the night - and after Henry got the This-Is-Your-Life treatment on video - the megamillionaire jumped up on stage, grabbed a bass and jammed with the band. But we're reliably informed that the song wasn't "Sweet Caroline."

    Now, the pre-party buzz was that "Margaritaville" man Jimmy Buffett or Henry's rocker pal, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, would entertain. Both were no-shows, but Wooley's friend, Jimmy Sommers, was there to croon some tunes and hand out copies of his new Christmas CD to guests.

    And speaking of which, the party's lovely parting gifts were "World Series Champions" baseball caps and a Series pin.
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