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'The Runner' may return and Jeannette Walls steals another story

  • A major LivePlanet project, halted and presumed unpalatable after 9/11, may returned with the assistance of Yahoo! and Survivor's Mark Burnett. Some of the details from a Variety article:

    Yahoo! is teaming with Mark Burnett and Live Planet in a bid to bring back shelved ABC project "The Runner"-- and if it happens, it could be one of the biggest entertainment events ever on the Internet.

    Lloyd Braun, the ex-ABC chief who heads the Yahoo! Media Group, is spearheading the new project with Burnett and the original Live Planet production team of Ben Affleck, Sean Bailey, Matt Damon and company CEO Larry Tanz.

    While "The Runner" always boasted a strong online component, new take is envisioned as an Internet-driven event for Yahoo! in what's easily the most ambitious production since Braun joined the company at the end of 2004.

    A spokesman for Yahoo! confirmed the project "is in development, but it hasn't been given the greenlight."

    None of the parties involved would comment on specifics, but the basic concept of "The Runner" remains the same: A designated operative -- the "runner" -- has to elude capture by average folks as he or she travels across the country. Game will take place in both the real world and online, with audience members competing to snag a cash bounty by "capturing" the runner.

    Grand prize is expected to be several million dollars, a value that exceeds the sum offered up by most TV reality shows. Other, smaller prizes could be offered throughout the event.

  • Thanks (almost) to Jeanette Walls for quoting me and not sourcing me directly for the latest lead article in her column here. Yet another example of Jeannette's lack of research: she can't be bothered to check my translation or find a fact-checker (Lucy's name is spelled incorrectly again). My original story is down the page at a post of 12 January - found at this link.

    Are Matt Damon and wife thinking pink?

    By Jeannette Walls, MSNBC, Updated: 3:07 a.m. ET Jan. 16, 2006

    Looks like Matt Damon and his wife are expecting a little girl.

    The "Bourne Supremacy" star recently arrived in the Dominican Republic with his four months pregnant wife, Lucianne Bozan, to film "The Good Shepherd."

    Damon told reporters in Spanish that the child will be a girl, according to a local paper. "'It [she] will be a girl,' said Damon in Spanish," noted El Caribe, according to a translation carried on a Damon fan site. "The actor has advanced in his classes thanks to his wife, who has dedicated herself to teaching him the language." Damon's wife was born in Argentina.

    Damon’s spokeswoman says she has no idea if there's any truth to the story. "I don't know," she told The Scoop. "I haven't spoken to him since he got married."
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