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In Style scan

  • Many thanks to Angelene for the scan below from In Style's February issue.

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  • An article on the actor who plays Matt's son at age 15 in The Good Shepherd is at the Daily Record:

    Colin Bates, who has only been acting for about three years, auditioned for the role of Wilson's son last August in New York City.

    "It was all of five minutes with the casting director but ... the next day she called and said it went really well and that Robert De Niro wanted to meet him," said Donna Bates, Colin's mother.

    "We went to the (second) audition and again it wasn't very long and then (DeNiro) asked if Colin would be willing to take off his braces." Things moved pretty quickly for Colin after that. His role consists of three scenes, two of them speaking. By the end of December, Colin wrapped up shooting with Damon and Angelina Jolie, who plays Damon's wife.

    "I want to be where Matt Damon is when I'm about 25, or even sooner," Colin said during a phone interview from London. "I'm beating where he was at when he was my age. At 16 or 17, he did one line in his first movie."

    Colin was tightlipped about working with Damon and Jolie, but Donna said the experience went very well for her son.

    "Colin just thought everyone was really nice," Donna said of her son's experience on the set. "He said Matt Damon... was very focused but the last time they filmed, he said that (Damon) was very funny and outgoing."
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