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  • The photo below of Matt with trainer Mike Torchia is from Torchia's website Operation Fitness.

    Image Hosted by

  • Clooney Network has posted two clips of Matt talking about Syriana and losing weight at this link. The interview is by Byron Allen of Entertainment Thanks to Clooney Network.

  • Some friendly gossip from Ted Casablanca at E! Online's Awful Truth sightings:

    Brad Pitt and Zahara Jolie-Pitt, waiting in line like regular folk. Häagen-Dazs. Dominican Republic. Brad is, like, totally turning into Suburban Soccer Dad. Black baseball cap--on backwards the way the cool kids do it! Jeans, unremarkable light blue button-down. Angelina, meanwhile, was waiting in the car. My creamy spy tells me the community is dazzled with the whole Good Shepard gang. But I bet the most popular dude there was...

    Matt Damon, hugging it out on the set. Friday at midnight. He was flashing that big grin, saying hi and hugging fans even when they didn't ask for it. "He's the nicest guy ever," says my D.R. desk. Well, Matt, bring those buff arms this way any time you want, 'kay?
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