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Timothy Hutton interview

  • Actor Timothy Hutton referred to The Good Shepherd in this interview:

    Hutton has two films at this year's Sundance -- Daley as well as Off The Black with Nick Nolte. After the festival he'll return to the project he's currently shooting -- the highly anticipated The Good Shepherd, which stars Matt Damon, Angelina Jolie and is directed by Robert De Niro.

    "It's a sweeping epic. It's a story about the origins of the CIA -- from the 1920s to ... (the secret organization) Skull and Bones," Hutton reveals.

    "De Niro's an amazing director. He keeps the discussions between takes extremely private. He'll come up inches from your ear about what he just saw and the camera's still rolling because he doesn't like to call cut."

    As far as the attention surrounding the famously pregnant Jolie -- you'd probably need the CIA to keep photographers away -- Hutton says the production has "taken a lot of measures to keep that stuff away ... People show up on the set, sure, but it's not effecting us in a negative way. As I say, precautions have been taken to keep (the paparazzi) at bay."
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