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Sightings, Feast, Lance update

  • Sightings from and gawker.

  • The future of Feast, the third Project Greenlight film, is not looking good - from

    But as of now, the film does not have a release date. It is also not listed on The Weinstein Company’s web site along with its other present and future films.

    Producer Chris Moore tells Wired that the Weinsteins aren’t telling him anything, and that seems like really bad news. "Bob and Harvey could say they’re not focusing on these kinds of movies. They could say ‘we don’t get it, so go with another company.’ They’re saying nothing. That tells me that they’re going to sit on it and hope all of us will go away, and traditionally in Hollywood, we will."

    Director John Gulager isn’t pessimistic about the film’s future, but he wouldn’t want it to just be released on DVD. "We’re not out to make DVD movies. We want to make movie movies," he said.

  • A little more on the Lance Armstrong project from Frank Marshall at Film Journal:

    Marshall clearly enjoyed his time back in the director's chair, because he's already got two more gigs lined up. The first is a biopic about Lance Armstrong, which he's actively developing, even shooting second-unit footage at last year's Tour de France. "Lance has become such an inspiration and that's what's interesting to me," says Marshall, adding that his first choice to play the world-famous cyclist is his Bourne star Matt Damon.
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