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Syriana re-casting, that proposed reunion

  • In this Belgian interview, Syriana director Stephen Gaghan mentions that Harrison Ford and Leonardo DiCaprio were the first names considered for the roles taken up by George and Matt in the film. Harrison was offered the role and turned it down, and it's unknown if the role of Bryan Woodman was offered to Leo.

  • A brief interview with Christopher Murphey, the screenwriter of the new Touchstone/legal drama film project with Matt and Ben, is at the Boston Herald, including:

    "We were over the moon when they said they were interested," Murphey said. "As one of their many fans, I’d like to see them headlining a movie together again."

    But while "Good Will Hunting," the first Affleck-Damon star vehicle, showed the actors in a drama as young friends, the untitled lawyer movie will play off their more mature chemistry as committed attorneys driven to right a wrong.

    "The hope from the beginning was Matt and Ben would do it together," Murphey, who like Damon is a Harvard grad, said of the lawyer flick. "We’re very fortunate. As you may have heard, Matt and Ben have a lot going on."

  • A typical response to the proposed collaboration is at Newsweek:

    Matt and Ben, Together Again—But Can They Rekindle the Fire?
    Not since winning Oscars for 1997's "Good Will Hunting" have Boston's favorite sons headlined a film together. BEN AFFLECK and MATT DAMON will reportedly reunite for a drama, in which the toothsome twosome play attorneys who are fighting to free an innocent man on death row. Damon is a friend, indeed. His career and image have been impeccable over the years. Affleck's career and image have been—well, he's been hunting for a little good will.
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