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  • I linked earlier an article about a young musician in The Good Shepherd. From Acorn Online, here's a picture of Kiera Wood with Matt on set.

    Image Hosted by

  • Gossip about The Good Shepherd from (unknown date):

    Not so good shepherdess

    A Dope Peddler source working on location on the highly anticipated Matt Damon-CIA movie The Good Shepherd says that the film is struggling with the huge error of casting actress Angelina Jolie in the part of Damon's wife. Set in part in the 1950s, the film asks us to accept that Jolie's character is a homemaker of the era. Our mole reports: "Forget the Oscar that she won. She isn’t all that much of an actress, and this was just way too much of a stretch." The producers are hoping they can solve the problem in the editing room.

  • Here's an old quote from Jeanne Wolf's column after the Grimm premiere in August (which partly answers a question raised in the comments section some weeks back):

    Matt Damon, on his engagement to Argentine Luciana Barroso: "We haven't started the wedding planning stuff yet, so being engaged is all fun so far. I am learning Spanish slowly but surely. I had to start from scratch because the language she speaks is completely different than the Spanish I had learned from Mexico."

  • It's not really news, but an item from Seattle Business Journal is below. The link to the In Style poll was here:

    "In Style Celebrity Weddings," on ABC Jan. 30, featured results of its online contest to decide the best wedding ring in a group of six high-profile marriages. Actor Matt Damon's pick for his bride Luciana Barroso won hands down -- a classic, three-stone, platinum and diamond showstopper he personally chose last summer from Bellevue jeweler Steven Goldfarb. The couple tied the knot officially in a secret New York ceremony in December.
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