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Neverending Bourne?

  • Frank Marshall and Julia Stiles talk about Bourne Ultimatum in this MTV article, with Marshall saying that the series may continue after the third film. When promoting Supremacy Matt, of course, said he was happy to complete the trilogy and finish on a high note.

    And as two of the franchise's creative talents prepare to shoot "Bourne Ultimatum" later this year, they're admitting to James Bond-like plans to take the super-spy beyond the limitations of Ludlum's trilogy.

    "It's kinda up to Matt [Damon]," series producer Frank Marshall recently said of how far "Bourne" will go. "Maybe to five [films] ... At some point, he's gotta find out who he is."

    "[Next] there's a 'Bourne Ultimatum,' " Julia Stiles said. "Paul Greengrass is going to direct it again, and we won't shoot it until August."

    "There's a script, and we're moving forward," Marshall added. "Matt Damon's available, and we're going for that right away. That'll be out in summer of 2007."

    As fans of the series know, Stiles' precocious government agent was one of the breakout characters of "Identity," with the endearing qualities of both the actress and the character earning her significantly more screen time in the sequel. Grinning, the 24-year-old stated her desire for the trend to continue: "I hope so, but things always change, so I'm going to knock on wood. I hope that I get to be in it more."

    Interviewed separately, Marshall said Stiles need not worry. "Yes, she'll be a central character in this," the producer revealed. "So will Joan Allen and some of the other characters from the last movie."

    Adding that there will be two new villains in the next film, Marshall said the main challenge facing himself and Greengrass in the next several months will be the casting of the baddies.

    "We haven't started casting yet," Marshall said of the process. "Paul Greengrass is doing another movie right now, and then once he's done with that in April, we go right into pre-production, so we'll start casting then."

    "It kinda continues things," Marshall said of the "Ultimatum" script, which will continue the trend of reinventing the books. "It starts up where we left off in the last movie and moves forward with him trying to discover who he is."

    According to the producer, writers will be brought in to concoct storylines for life beyond "Ultimatum," with Damon's character discovering his true identity and resurrecting himself a few more times. "I think there's hope for a couple more," he said.
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