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  • There's a new scan of Matt and Lucy with text from the latest issue of Us, thanks to JJB. A larger image or thumbnail link isn't working, so a small pic is below (and does not enlarge) but I've typed out the text.

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    Lucy and Matt: Getting ready for baby!
    Their baby is due in just a couple of months, but newlyweds Matt Damon, 35, and Luciana Bozan, 30, looked the picture of relaxation while strolling near their $10.3 million oceanfront Spanish Mediterranean mansion in Miami Beach on March 2. But staying chill like this might be a tall order: Their home is in a state of hubbub as they live through continuing renovations and prep a nursery, says a source.

    Plus, they’re entertaining guests Ben Affleck, 33, and his brother Casey, 30, as they bunk at the home, says the pal. (Damon and his Good Will Hunting costar are set to reteam in an as-yet untitled legal drama.)

    "I'm so excited about this baby that I am going out of my way to take it easy and not overexert myself," Bozan recently told a friend. "We are very happy just hanging around the house."

    Caption: "Matt has been helping around the house," a source says of Damon (with Bozan in Miami Beach March 2)

  • Jeannette Walls reports in her latest column about a new "story / item" that was a direct quote from a Syriana press junket interview in November and reported by various news sources immediately afterwards. Fresh news, Jeannette. I may have linked the article from this site last week but I didn't claim that the majority of the text was new information.
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