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Good Shepherd, various

  • From an interview with Graham King, a producer on The Aviator, and formerly connected with The Good Shepherd:

    His star is now riding so high that Robert de Niro, the actor, who is about to direct the £50 million-plus film The Good Shepherd, asked King to be the producer. However, King has turned down the offer.

    "I walked away from that," he said. "It is one of the best screenplays I have ever read, but Bob wants to shoot it early next year and I'm just not ready for that," he said. "I want to enjoy the next few months with The Aviator."

  • A sighting from the Boston Herald.

    "The Departed" screenwriter - and Boston homey - William Monahan scouting sites for the Matt Damon-Leonardo DiCaprio flick with two of Martin Scorsese's producers...

  • Gossip from the UK Mirror. Pictures from outside Nobu are below:

    THE experience of fleeing a hotel fire seems to have stoked the flames of desire in Matt Damon.

    The star of The Bourne Supremacy, who's in the UK with pal Brad Pitt to promote Ocean's Twelve, was snapped giggling and cuddling up on a limo backseat with his Argentinian girlfriend Luciana Barroso and another girl pal as they left the swanky Mayfair restaurant Nobu.

    Earlier on Thursday Damon, 34, escaped a blaze at Claridge's and it clearly did wonders for his lust for life. Some blokes are just Bourne lucky.

  • Julie from has more photos and details about George and Ocean's Twelve at her site.

  • Another pic from the Berlin premiere.

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