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Video, Rounders

  • The short paparazzi video mentioned previously is available at the Splash site. Here's the caption:

    Matt Damon heading back to the set of 'Margaret' and being asked by cameraman "Hey Matt, are you excited about almost becoming a father"? Damon smiles heavily and says" Yeah" and cameraman says "Sounds Good". Second part shows a family with new little girl being introduced to Matt Damon who then invites them into his trailer while on his break. ** The following NOT shown but said after leaving the trailer**The family left later saying "Congratulations" to Damon in advance about his child that he and his wife are expecting very soon.**

  • On the IMDB message board for Rounders, there's a thread on a quote from the movie, spoken by Matt: "I feel like Buckner returning to Shea", and it was suggested by one poster that Matt may have added it himself. One of the movie's co-writers, Brian Koppelman (who is also a co-writer on the new Ocean's Thirteen script), personally responded:

    "thats a great quote and i'm sure matt added it himself, he being a long time red sox fan." Um, actually, Matt, who is the best guy in the world to work with, never questioned a line, always showed up, gave his best, didn't complain about the long hours, the short schedule, anything--but he did ask us if he could avoid saying the Buckner line...too painful for a red sox guy to have to voice. But as New Yorkers, we had to insist. Brian Koppelman
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