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Oprah highlights

  • On the recently released DVD of The Oprah Winfrey Show: 20th Anniversary Collection there's a few Matt references. Four short clips with Matt are shown in the celebrity interviews section of Disc 3 (usually just a very brief question and answer). They are:

    1998: Appears with Ben and Robin Williams - "The people say you are hot"

    1999: Matt talks about the Charlton Heston encounter at the Oscars

    2000: Oprah says that she uses a quote from Matt on a previous show a lot ("success is something I can't wrap my brain around"), and Matt says he never wants to get too comfortable with fame

    2004: Matt talks about traveling with Brad Pitt

    In the celebrity interviews section of Disc 1 Julia Roberts talks about Matt in a short Q&A section about her male co-stars (she's a lot more descriptive about Matt than anyone else mentioned - Brad, George and Denzel).

    Julia Roberts in 2004: "He is the (big emphasis) sweetest. Oh, I did so much stuff with Mattie in this one. He, just, you want him to be your son. Just so sweet and well mannered and he works hard and he's talented. I know this is more than one word. He's sweet."

  • There's a ridiculous article about Lucy and Jennifer Garner's fears about Matt and Ben working together again in Celebrity Living magazine, found through this link at Sammie's scans.
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