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Film updates

  • From an interview conducted recently in Australia with producer Frank Marshall here, including a possible Lance Armstrong project start date:

    FM: My next project is going to be "The Bourne Ultimatum", which is the third in the series of Jason Bourne movies. We're gonna start shooting that in August. Then we have the ever-present "Indiana Jones 4". We're still working on the script, we want it to be great, and I suspect we're probably going to be shooting that next year. "Jurassic Park IV" is the same case, we're working on the script and hope to have a director on that by next year. My next project as a director will be the Lance Armstrong story called "It's Not About the Bike" based on his book, and we hope to start that next Spring.

  • Claims that the Syriana script was plagiarised are detailed at the Boston Herald:

    George Clooney and Warner Bros. are being accused of plagiarism by a French screenwriter who claims "Syriana" borrowed "very largely" from a script she completed in 2002 called "Oversight." She has filed a lawsuit against Clooney’s production company, Section Eight, Warner Bros. and "Syriana" writer Stephen Gaghan. Both scripts involved the CIA and oil companies in the Persian Gulf, reports the court filing. A preliminary hearing is set for Monday.
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