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Death of Good Shepherd crew member

  • Gretchen Rau, a set designer on The Good Shepherd, has died aged 66. She was an Oscar-winner this year for Memoirs of a Geisha. Details from the Los Angeles Times:

    Gretchen Rau, a veteran of more than 30 films over 25 years, died March 29 of a brain tumor at her home in Northport, N.Y., her son Taylor Pattison said. She was 66.

    Her last film was "The Good Shepherd," directed by Robert de Niro and due for release this year.

    "She had moments of absolute inspiration," Jeannine Oppewall, a production designer who worked with Rau on "The Good Shepherd," told The Times on Friday. "It takes a special touch to tell you who the character is without words…. That was one of her great strengths, being able to ferret out things that tell you about the character."
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