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  • An article discussing the latest episode of Journey to Planet Earth is here.

  • Film columnist David Poland's latest list of the top box office stars based on opening weekend potential is available here, with the Matt reference below:

    26. Matt Damon - He's been on a good run, even opening the troubled Brothers Grimm to $15 million domestic. He keeps taking supporting roles as though he doesn't really believe he's a star. But he is.

  • A sighting from the Miami Sun Post:

    Matt Damon and pregnant wife Luciana sucking down Kosher treats twice last week at Tasti D-Lite Café.

  • From an interview with Anna Paquin in The Times, here's a brief description of Margaret:

    Her next film is small, too. It's from playwright-director Kenneth Lonergan (You Can Count on Me). It's called Margaret and it's about a girl (Paquin) who causes a bus crash.

    "There's some pretty heavy stuff in there," she says, gleefully. "But it's also an acknowledgment that you can have light moments even when your life is falling to shit."
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