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Scorsese talks

  • From an interview with Martin Scorsese in the Boston Globe.

    "I can't really envision a time when I'm not shooting something," Scorsese declares. He's already begun preproduction on his next picture, "The Departed," a crime story set in Boston, scheduled for 2006 release.

    Fatal choices are at the heart of Scorsese's next film, ''The Departed," set to star DiCaprio and Matt Damon.

    "It's a story of Boston, the Boston underworld, and the police department," Scorsese says. "When I read the script, by a writer named William Monahan, it was the sense of fatality about the world these people are in. They're all deceiving each other, informers. Apparently, it draws on the Whitey Bulger and FBI business. But the FBI thing is only one aspect. It has more to do with a Hong Kong film called 'Infernal Affairs.' It's based on that. I said, 'I'm not doing any remakes.' But when I read it, it was so different, and written so beautifully, and I felt so much for every one of those damn people, even the bad ones. There's just no way out. No -- way -- out.

    "I'd like to shoot as much as I can in Boston. I've only been there once or twice. I was there for the Hasty Pudding award two years ago. And, oh, I still have the pot they gave me, oh yes."

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